Our work together is meant to give you space for deep thinking and reflection. With the insights that emerge, we’ll create a personal action plan.  By the end of our session, you’ll know exactly what you have to do in the next week. More importantly, you’ll be more excited about doing it. Whether it’s a presentation you need to write, a client conversation you need to have, or anything else - it will be easier, more fun, and you’ll be far more effective when mentally prepared and full of passion.

Common topics:

  • Networking
  • Relationship Building
  • Career Decisions
  • Professional Development
  • Influence
  • Success in a new role
  • Time management
  • Organization
  • Procrastination


Clients often approach us saying:

  •  “Work isn’t as fulfilling as it used to be, and I’m starting to lose steam. What’s wrong with me?”
  • “I find myself procrastinating on important projects and it is stressing me out. How can I get myself motivated and inspired to take action?”
  • “I have to have a difficult conversation, and it’s going to be a disaster. Where do I even start?”
  • “I’m overwhelmed. It feels like there is more and more on my plate every day. How do I get out of this cycle?”
  • “I am new in this job and want to build a relationship with our CEO, but they feel unapproachable.”
  • “My voice isn’t being heard.”
  • “I have way more to do than I’ll ever have time for."
  • “I’m coming to a crossroads in my career. How can I align my career goals with those of the company?”
  • “My personal life is suffering, and it’s my job’s fault.”
When I first started I went in with the expectation of sharing my frustrations and challenges at work, for my coach to take in what I was saying and tell me what I needed to do to get a new job, or find a different way to work within the company. But what I realized pretty quickly was that was not the point of our sessions. The point was to turn it back on myself and really figure out what I needed to make myself happy in my current career, or what I needed to do to have a little self-reflection and figure out what I actually want to do as a job.

I think Austin was great at challenging me to push past what I think is realistic, and to set higher goals and bigger dreams that I can achieve with baby steps, but eventually get there. I really enjoyed our time and our conversations. They made me consider things that I hadn’t really thought about yet. He asked a lot of questions that made you look at things in a different light.”

Sarah F.
Senior Manager