Manager and Executive Coaching

Manager and Executive Coaching engagements involve 60-minute weekly sessions and usually last between 4-12 months.   Coaching is the most personalized and focused way to design and execute your action plan quickly. 


Group Workshops

Foster candid communication and create a positive work atmosphere with our half- and full-day workshops. Not to worry, this won't involve 'trust fall' exercises or a high ropes course. We'll create a safe space for constructive dialogue, guiding your teams through customized exercises that will change the way they approach work.

Organizational Audits and Research Projects

Using interviews, focus groups and quantitative assessment tools, we'll perform a deep analysis of your organization's people and culture. Then we'll package what we find into easy-to-digest video, audio, recorded presentations and infographics so you get a clear snapshot of what's really going on inside your company, and our suggestions for next steps. We also offer optional implementation services to put these insights into practice.