Here are some things people have said about working with us.

"Austin’s use of facilitated 1-on-1 exercises gave me a great action-oriented method of getting out of my comfort zone.   Our sessions always culminated with specific follow up actions that gave me the sense of accountability and achievement that I needed for growth.  Austin is one of the best listeners I’ve ever met.  To repurpose a popular phrase, he can “hear between the lines” - picking interesting insights of our conversations that I never would have identified on my own."

Troy K.
Executive Vice President


“When I first started meeting with Austin I went in with the expectation of sharing my frustrations and challenges at work, for him to take in what I was saying and tell me what I needed to do to get a new job, or find a different way to work within the company. But what I realized pretty quickly was that was not the point of our sessions. The point was to turn it back on myself and really figure out what I needed to make myself happy in my current career, or what I needed to do to have a little self-reflection and figure out what I actually want to do as a job.

I think Austin was great at challenging me to push past what I think is realistic, and to set higher goals and bigger dreams that I can achieve with baby steps, but eventually get there. I really enjoyed our time and our conversations. They made me consider things that I hadn’t really thought about yet. He asked a lot of questions that made you look at things in a different light.”

Sarah F. 
Senior Manager


"THANK YOU! Yesterday was a very special day and you made it over-the-top GREAT! You are amazing, natural and such a fantastic facilitator. The group was so excited about the exercise and your name kept coming up later in the evening and all thru today."

Executive Producer
Los Angeles, CA


“Austin is the Steve Jobs of mentoring (without the black turtle neck sweater and I’m pretty sure he has x-ray vision). He is an excellent listener and breaks down issues in the simplest form. He extrapolates the raw facts and marries that with logic and life experience. Austin is genuine in his mentoring, this is something rarely seen, he doesn't talk himself up, but he knows a ton and he uses his energy for good. I recommend Austin mentorship to anyone who needs help answering some of the most difficult decisions.”

Ruben G.
Marketing Strategist

“I came to Austin wanting to transition from exclusively running my private practice to working in a more corporate environment. Even though I'd been having a lot of success, I still felt dissatisfied and like I was "playing small." I knew I would be able to have an even bigger impact working in an established setting, but I didn't know how to make the leap from this idea in my head to making it happen in reality. After just one session, I felt grounded and clear about what steps I needed to take and I booked my first corporate workshop within the week. Most helpful has been Austin's ability to help me integrate my deep, spiritually rooted ambition with real-world savvy and action.”

Shaina K.
Health and Nutrition Coach


“The meetings and next steps/assignments also keep me accountable for what I tell myself I’ll do, but inevitably don’t! Austin brings up great thought starters and really helps you feel comfortable and proactive to shape your own goals, then encouraging you to act on them.” 

Lisa W.
Account Executive


“Immediately after each of our sessions, I was energized and empowered to take action steps “

Michelle W.
Account Executive


“Working with Austin made me realize you can achieve anything with a plan.” 

Fernando S.
Design Director


“You got my wheels turning - I woke up from autopilot and am ready for a change!”

Carina B.
Production Assistant


“I no longer get frustrated working with other people because I’m finally content with myself. My boss even said I look much happier these days. I’ve been hesitating less and doing more!”

Cynthia T.
Media Planner

Working with Austin was one of the best thing’s I could’ve done for myself, both personally and professionally. Every time I had a session scheduled, I looked forward to what would come out of the interaction. Every time I left a better person, acknowledging that there were easy things to work on that could have an huge impact on my life, as well as acknowledging the great things I was currently doing in my life. I did have moments where I wouldn’t fully complete the homework tasks, and would want to cancel the meeting, but knew that was the cowardly way out. Through working with Austin, I was able to identify my shortcomings both professionally and personally, work with Austin to overcome/defeat those negative factors, and how to life live by taking the correct actions and making these the new “norm”.

One area I struggled in was procrastination. For instance, if I needed to have an important talk with a client/account person on Monday, I might put it off until Thursday. Austin and I did several exercises, both during the session and on my own personal time, to rid the negative habit, and transform me into the successful person I strive to be. I now tackle any meeting/issue immediately, and look forward to getting it resolved as quickly as possible so I don’t have to worry about it. Nothing good came from procrastination. Good things can come by taking immediate action.

I would recommend working with Austin in any capacity, both professionally and/or personally, even if you think you are doing everything perfect in your current life. Austin has a great ability to identify an issue, and has several ways to alleviate/get rid of the issue. The exercises were actually fun and made you really think about what is important to you/your lifestyle. You never know how any session will go, but you will always leave with multiple positive things to work on, think about, instill into your career/life.

Johny P.
Financial Services


“You helped me realize that I shouldn’t second-guess myself. I never like confronting people but it’s a whole lot better than avoiding people. Often times I’ll keep thinking of how bad it will be, but it’s the anticipation that makes it worse. And every time I’ve had one of those difficult conversations, afterwards I’ve felt so much better and it’s never as bad as it seemed. It has ended up making me feel a lot more confident.”

Mara S.
Senior Producer


“You really made a difference to me.  When it comes to my own life, things are as clear as mud sometimes.  You helped me clean the water a bit with your questions. You are an amazing coach.” 

Carol K.
Executive Coach


“At first I was a bit confused…but Austin really helped me figure out what the goal is going to be. Everything was sort of muddy before I talked to him, and then all of a sudden everything came to be and it’s all clear and I totally understand it and feel so excited about having that new goal.  I love hearing his stories and knowing he has been through the same things. He has been the ‘coachee’ so to speak. That helps put everything into perspective.”

Cara K.
Web Developer