Embedded Consulting


Change from Within

This is our favorite way to work with clients, and creates the longest-lasting change.

With embedded consulting, we are your part-time, internal secret "People" weapon. We are usually on-site between 2-8 days/month to get a sense what's working and to find areas for improvement. Along the way we provide value through coaching, interviewing, observation, training, facilitating – and any other tool from our arsenal that will give you a highly tactical way to engage employees, focus on people and culture development with a flexible, boutique consultancy that likes to keep its clients happy. 

How can Simple Progress help inside your organization?

You continue to be a huge contributor and a fantastic fit for db5, not just in terms of your delivery against our “people person” needs, but also in terms of your impact on the culture - you are truly one of the team, and we couldn’t be happier about it!
— Michelle, CEO @ db5
The fact that he is here 1-2 days per week makes a huge difference. It lets us get to know him as a person. Then immediately when something comes up, we can have a conversation, and can continue with our day feeling listened to, heard, and like we have a sounding board.
— Taylor, Strategist @ db5