Leadership Coaching



The Coaching Engagement

Our coaching engagements vary from individuals to groups, entry level to C-suite, several weeks intensive to ongoing for years. But they all rest upon our four-step process, delivered with ICF-Certified coaches with previous leadership experience.

Offer coaching to as a service to your leadership or engage a coach for a particular leader.

I used to think, ‘I just have to wait for the next project. But ‘I just have to wait until next time’ is a pattern we need to break. It’s too easy to slip into inaction. Austin doesn’t let that happen.
— Cathlyn, Account Executive - Los Angeles, CA

Step 1: Create Trust

Before we dive into coaching, the client must first be bought into the coaching process. Some clients arrive with an understanding of coaching and are ready to get started. Others are more apprehensive. 

That's why the first step is to educate the client on coaching, it's purpose, its limitations, and to get emotional buy-in from the client so they are excited about creating positive change.

Now we're ready to jump in and help clients understand themselves.

Step 2: Create Awareness

Step 2 is where we use a mix of tools (e.g. written and verbal assessments, thought exercises, peer interviews) with the client and/or their colleagues and peers to give the client a better understanding of their strengths, areas to grow, and to uncover blind spots holding them back.  Once they have a clear understanding of self - passions, dreams, interests, strengths, habits - they are able to complete a one-page coaching plan that will provide focus for the rest of the coaching engagements. 

Deliverable: Coaching Plan

Step 3: Put Into Action

At this point clients usually realize they have more control over their lives than they realized, and this control can be harnessed into new habits, routines, or ways of being that lift up themselves and everyone around them.

It's an exciting time, as lingering problems get handled and new opportunities present themselves. 

Deliverable: Revised Coaching Plan


Step 4: Reflect and Correct

Every day brings new challenges. That's why the bulk of the engagement is spent in Step 4. It's also here that the most tangible work gets done. 

Over a series of weeks or months, we work to reflect on actions taken, strategize next steps, practice difficult conversations, and work on any number of personal, team, and professional development areas that fit the client's and sponsor's stated goals.

This helps the client can stay focused, make progress, and measure the results.

Deliverable: New or Revised Action Plan


Ending the Engagement

To conclude an engagement, we send clients off with a final Roadmap that serves as a reflection on the engagement and a personalized guide for moving forward independently. 

I really appreciate these meetings. I always find them valuable. I tend to get caught up in the day to day and forget where my focus is, and also forget that I am actually making progress. So this helps keep me motivated and on track.
— Justin L., Developer