Training & Facilitation



We deliver high-energy, hands-on workshops that shift perspective and turn employees into clearer thinkers and more confident communicators.


Coaching For Managers

Coaching cultures are popular right now, and for good reason: companies with a coaching approach have higher performance and engagement. In this workshop, we take an experimental approach to introduce participants to what coaching is and how coaches think. They then get a chance to try out a few practical coaching tools that they can adapt to their leadership style right away.

How To Engage, Retain, and Develop High Performers

Leaders spend far more energy trying to help struggling performers than lifting up high performers. This leaves star employees feeling under- appreciated and without a path forward. It’s no wonder they’re always on their way out! In this workshop, participants will learn the unique ways to keep their high performers at their best, and will design a custom development plan for their most valuable team members.  


Focus & Productivity Consulting

Caveday is a method for getting creative workers to avoid procrastination and get a state of flow. We begin by introducing what Caveday is, the approach, and what to expect when working 'in the Cave.' Then we jump into a guided Sprint, followed by a discussion of how to incorporate this into our daily work and lives. 

More about Caveday for teams

Customized Programs

We love to design custom programs depending on the needs of your organization. We also offer abridged versions of most of our programs as 45 to 60 minutes lunch and learn sessions. Contact us to learn more about how Simple Progress can help your organization.




Contact us to learn about our full workshop offering or to discuss a custom program.

Austin is amazing - a natural and such a fantastic facilitator. The group was so excited about the exercise and the work we did with Simple Progress kept coming up later in the evening and all thru the next day.
— Spiro, Director of Operations - Los Angeles, CA



Strategic & Team Off-sites

Your leaders are smart, you've just been avoiding some key conversations. And it's starting to hold you back. 

Or, your team is stuck and has been going in circles for weeks or months. 

Or, you are planning a gathering of multiple offices and need a plan to make the most of your time together.

Our off-sites help teams have meaningful experiences that create a permanent, positive shift in the way they work together in the future.

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Activities include:

  • Business development

  • Brand positioning

  • Design sprints

  • Team Building


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His style is not in your face or abrasive, it’s a gentle style. We achieved a ton and had a heap of dialogue. Austin was there and guiding us, but we never felt too guided.  Austin was the leader, but we never felt like we lacked control.
— Nicole, Partner - Santa Monica, CA